Action for Children and Communities in Africa

Supporting street and acutely vulnerable children in Kenya since 2004.

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ACACIA UK is now working in partnership with Rafiki Thabo Foundation. Read more about Rafiki Thabo.

ACACIA UK is recruiting for new Trustees!

We are looking for a new chair for our Board of Trustees to support and develop our work over the next 3 – 5 years

We are also recruiting for additional Trustees with specific skills to complement those of our existing Board members.

  • Are you passionate about, committed to, and want to play in developing our work to ensure an education for children with developmental disabilities in and mental health difficulties in East Africa?

  • Do you have expertise in Charity Governance, Programme Development, or Charity Retail? Expertise related to development disabilities or┬ámental health would be beneficial.

If this is you, visit our Job Advert here.