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ACACIA UK funds exciting new project in Kajiado, Kenya.

We are delighted to reveal our latest project, in partnership with AIC Kajiado Child Care Centre in Kenya. It is a Home Care and Rehabilitation programme that will see trained physiotherapists and field workers visiting disabled children and their families in their homes in rural Kajiado County for rehabilitation and to ultimately help them to access education. These children are among the hardest to reach, many are hidden from sight because of the misconceptions and stigmas held in rural communities against those with disabilities.


This project will address issues of discrimination as well as the practical problem that rehabilitation services do not often reach disabled children in the more remote villages, which can be over 80 km from the Kajiado rehabilitation centre. The main activities that will begin in the next week include:


*Awareness sessions in communities about disability and disability rights.

*Guidance and counselling for disabled children and their parents/guardians.

*Training of caregivers on the basic disability management skills and therapy exercise such as range of motion.

*Distribution of nutrition supplement foods and monitoring of improvement in health for malnourished children.

*Referral of children to Educational assessment and resource centres for support or placement into learning institutions.

*The formation of peer support groups of parents/guardians of children with physical disabilities.


Over 100 children and their families will benefit from this project. Many will be helped towards education for the first time in their lives, offering them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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AIC Kajiado supports children with disabilities and their families, encouraging them to live life to the full.