Action for Children and Communities in Africa

Supporting street and acutely vulnerable children in Kenya since 2004.

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ACACIA UK is now working in partnership with Rafiki Thabo Foundation. Read more about Rafiki Thabo.

Easter Appeal

Can you help more children like Joseph get the mobility aids they need to make the journey to school this Easter?

This Easter 77 children in Kenya desperately need wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and orthopedic shoes to enable them to attend school. With your support ACACIA UK and our partner AIC Kajiado can provide the mobility aids they need to begin their journey to Education.

Many of these children have lived their lives facing stigma from their families and communities. These families are often very poor and so these children have spent their childhoods trapped within their family homes unable to make friends and develop their potential. By gaining mobility through the use of these life changing aids they can finally access their communities and most importantly meet other children and experience a full life.

Help us reach our target

The difference your money will make

Last year ACACIA UK and AIC Kajiado supported 35 children including Joseph to receive mobility aids. This equipment included; 5 custom-made wheelchairs, 12 walkers, 17 pairs of crutches, and 1 standing box. These children are now being supported by AIC Kajiado to go to school and have been linked with a number of suitable schools within the local area. With your support 77 more children can join Joseph and his friends at school.


How else can you help

We are currently looking for people to fundraise for us, this can involve taking part in a running race, a cycling challenge, a sponsored parachute jump, or even doing an activity or challenge within a club or society you’re involved in. If you would like to fundraise for us or would like to ask a question about how you can help, then please contact our fundraising team at:

Follow our vital work

Keep updated with the latest updates on our appeal below, also visit our facebook page, and come back here for anymore further updates. Thank you very much for your support.